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HTC Goes Full Frontal with Their 8X

HTC hosted their exciting ?Full Frontal Moustache Bash? event last night at The London Hotel in Hollywood, California, showcasing their new HTC 8X phone running Windows Phone 8. Their ?Full Frontal? theme for the night was a play on words, advertising both the 8X?s ultra-wide front facing camera and sporting moustaches for the Movember Foundation, a charity that raises awareness for prostate cancer every November.

Great ?staches, great music and fun… but how?s the phone?

We met with J.B. McRee, Product Manager at HTC, to give us a quick overview of what?s new on the 8X:

Here are some key specs for this sleek device:

?Windows Phone 8
?Qualcomm Snapdragon S4, 1.5 GHz dual-core chip
?1 GB RAM, 16GB Internal Storage, 7GB Skydrive storage
?Full 720p display underneath Gorilla Glass 2
?2MP 88-degree ultra-wide front camera, 8MP rear camera
?Beats (Dr. Dre) Audio, dual amplifiers for both speaker and 3.5?? headset
?Polycarbonate unibody, NFC Ready

The 8X has a solid construction, feeling very sturdy in your palms while staying lightweight and fashionable. While we didn?t get to have too much hands-on time with the device itself, it gave a first impression of being quite the performer. Like Nokia?s Lumia series, it seems that HTC is going with Microsoft?s unified design characteristics for the Windows Phone, separating itself both physically and aesthetically from Android and iOS.

We?ve already reviewed their One S and One X flagship devices, and we look forward to also testing how the 8X can improve our mobile lifestyle. Stay tuned!