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AMD CIO Mike Wolfe and Corporate VP Trevor Schulze Leave the Company

As the working day is drawing to a close, we have received two emails from senior executive at AMD stating that they are leaving the company to pursue other interests. First email communication came with the statement that Mike Wolfe, Chief Information Officer decided to leave the company to pursue other interests.

Second communication was with Trevor Schulze, R&D / Global Infrastructure services Corporate Vice President, stating that he has accepted the offer "elsewhere."

We have contacted AMD to receive confirmation or denial of the emails, and receiving following answer from Drew Praire from AMD’s Investor Relations team"

"Yes, Mike Wolfe has decided to pursue an opportunity outside of AMD. His last day at AMD will be November 13, 2012. Jake Dominguez will serve as Interim CIO in addition to his current role as Vice President, Corporate Services. He previously reported into Mike."

We have not received the status update for Trevor Schulze, though. We will keep you updated as we learn more.