Geek Fashion is back: WTF Jeans v2 to Arrive in just 2048 Units

Back in 2010, a small startup WTF Jeans caused a global stir by introducing jeans which were designed for geeks – with microfiber-clad pockets that clean your shiny gadgets.

Original WTF Jeans

Original WTF Jeans

Regardless of you calling WTF Jeans a "geek jeans" or "hipster jeans", there’s no denying that the concept is quite original and for some reason, didn’t got ripped off by major brands. The concept behind the product is very simple: create jeans with custom tailored pockets that fit gadgets we cannot live without, and make them in a very limited number, guaranteeing exclusivity.

Given that the original ones were in different sizes, some sizes were even unique. However, the company had a major issue with PayPal, which does not understand the concept of pre-order and the online payment giant withheld tens of thousands of Euro under the pretense of not delivering the good 30 days upon payment (WTF Jeans made an "error" of offering products for pre-order 120 days ahead of the release).

First sketch of the new jeans... WTF Jeans v2
First sketch of the new jeans… WTF Jeans v2

Two years ago, the couple behind the project decided to call it quits and move to another venture. However, once fashion bug bites you – it is hard not to come back, correct the mistakes made on the first attempt and "do it right". For the second generation of WTF Jeans, the team behind the project (Pedja "Blogowski" Puselja, Dean Puselja & Anamaria Ursa) opened a company in Serbia and set up payment gateway with the Italian banking giant Banco Intesa.

Materials for the second generation
Materials for the second generation

According to the founder, the goal is to offer an updated take on the original, this time fitting the iPhone 5 and similar-sized phones. While we’re not certain is the iOS-using crowd the ideal target that it once was, there’s no denying that WTF Jeans are a cool project and we hope to see this project becoming a success for the second time around.

WTFJeans v2 will be launched in December 2012, in a limited edition of just "2GB" e.g. 2048 pieces. Should this run be successful, who knows – we might get to see the second model as well…