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Get Paid by American Express to Play Halo 4!

In what appears to initially just spam, American Express and Xbox have teamed up to allow gamers to get paid for playing their newest and likely favorite game, Halo 4.

The newest installment of Halo 4 will be available for gamers to play at midnight on November 6th. This much awaited game title will likely be played by millions of Xbox gamers cross the world. As an added bonus to the gamers in the US and the UK, American Express is offering users the opportunity to get $50 back onto their Amex card just for playing the game and beating the campaign as well as some other parts of the game.

In addition to simply getting credits back onto your credit card for simply syncing up your card with Xbox Live, you also get access to some perks like discounts at Best Buy and Target as well as other online perks. Currently, Best Buy and Target are the primary retail partners with this new program. As we said before, this program will only be available to US and UK gamers and the UK gamers should expect approximately the same amount of money but in pounds instead of dollars. Note that Amex Corporate and Prepaid cards are not eligible.

For more details and to actually sign up for the program, head on over here. And may you enjoy Halo 4 and getting most of you money back for simply playing the game.