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Tech Around the World: Tuesday, Nov 13th

Welcome to the first edition of "Tech Around the World", our new daily feature where we will cover the latest news happening in tech. From Monday to Friday, we’ll strive to create good and coherent list of important events.

We start the section with first Top 10 stories of the day:

Windows Head Steven Sinofsky is leaving Microsoft

Kim Dotcom takes Mega to Mega.co.nz

Samsung Galaxy S3 security fail – passwords in txt file

DirectX 11.1 – only on Windows 8

Samsung "strikes" back at Apple by charging 20% more for their processors

Gotta see this 360-degree Red Bull Formula 1 video

New Top 500 list of supercomputers reveals the rise of accelerated cards

World Record for fastest DDR3 memory achieved – G.Skill Achieves DDR3-3900

Anti-Virus Pioneer John McAfee Wanted for Murder in Belize

ASUS to ship AMD "Trinity" powered ultrabook e.g. ultrathin notebook from its popular Zenbook series

That’s it for our inaugural TATW, read you tomorrow.