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Tech Around the World: Wednesday, Nov 14th

In our second edition of "Tech Around the World", we continue covering the latest news happening in and around tech. From Monday to Friday, we’ll strive to create good and coherent list of important events.

Today, we bring you six breaking stories which will gather the most attention:

Google Fiber now in Kansas
The title says it all! After months of building a brand new Fiber infrastructure, we’re excited to announce that today we?re officially starting to connect homes in Kansas City to Google Fiber.

FBI and CIA can and do read you emails
The U.S. government — and likely your own government, for that matter — is either watching your online activity every minute of the day through automated methods and non-human eavesdropping techniques

Google wants a piece of Microsoft Surface cake
Motorola contends that Microsoft gave up its right to a reasonable royalty by filing the lawsuit in response to Motorola?s initial royalty demand.

AMDs seeks future options from JP Morgan
AMD’s woes are continuing today with news that the company has hired JP Morgan Chase to explore its options – one of which is a sale of the company.

Where did Sony dissapear?
For some people in Japan, Sony is already dead. The only question they have is how did Sony die, or who killed it.

Real robots instead of human ones in Foxconn?
Foxconn has been planning to buy 1 million robots to replace human workers and it looks like that change, albeit gradual, is about to start.

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