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Tech Around the World: Thursday, November 22nd

In Thanksgiving Edition of our Tech Around the World section, we take a look at Google’s attacks on UN internet conference, The Rise and Fall of AMD, Microsoft’s free Windows 8 Pro key mistakes and more…

Google attacks UN’s internet treaty conference
Google has warned that a forthcoming UN-organised conference threatens the "free and open internet".

The Rise and Fall of AMD
Considering that it was once considered an equal to Intel, many wonder why AMD is failing today. However, it’s probably fairer to ask how the company has survived so for long.

Kickstarter sued over 3D Systems’ printer patent
Crowd-funding website Kickstarter is being sued for its promotion of a new 3D printer.

Microsoft hands Windows 8 Pro to pirates by mistake
For what is presumably a limited period, it’s possible to just download Windows 8 keys directly from Microsoft — keys that activate the Pro version of Microsoft’s brand new OS.

Samsung wins U.S. court order to access Apple-HTC deal details
A U.S. judge has ordered Apple Inc to disclose to rival Samsung Electronics details of a legal settlement the iPhone maker reached with Taiwan’s HTC Corp, including terms of a 10-year patents

15-Year-Old Egyptian Cyber Activist Takes on Israel
How one teenager helped prep Gazans for an Internet shut off?with the help of Anonymous. Eli Lake reports.

Linux Mint turns 14
Not everyone is super happy with Canonical and the direction it has taken Ubuntu in. Sure, its popularity continues growing, but so does that of an upstart distro called Mint.