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Tech Around the World: AMD, Nvidia, Facebook, Open Source and More

In today’s Edition, plenty of news to go around?

AMD May Be Reconsidering High-Performance x86 CPU Cores Roadmap
The recent round of restructuring at Advanced Micro Devices hurt not only sales and marketing professionals, but also developers of new products.

Samsung announces Galaxy Note II has moved 5 million units worldwide
We started off this month with word from Samsung that its 5.5-inch Galaxy Note II passed three million in sales, and now the company is announcing its moved two million more in less than a month.

Reports suggest Apple will ditch Samsung battery
Apple may be looking to change all that as they switch manufacturer for their batteries.

NVIDIA Publishes Open-Source 2D Driver Code
NVIDIA has published initial patches for providing open-source 2D hardware acceleration support on their NVIDIA Tegra 2 and Tegra 3 SoCs. This work is based upon the experimental open-source Direct Rendering Manager driver to be merged into the Linux 3.8 kernel.

GeForce GT 730M and Radeon HD 8550M Surface in the Wild
This winter shopping season, notebook vendors will go to any extant to sell their goods, even if it means rebranding components to spruce up specifications sheets. EU-based aggregated the price of 15.6-inch Acer NX.M6AEG.003 notebook, which features "NVIDIA GeForce GT 730M" graphics, while another notebook, the ASUS VivoBook U38DT-R3001H features "Radeon HD 8550M" graphics.

Facebook Privacy Notice
Posting a "Privacy Notice" on facebook does nothing to protect your privacy rights.