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Tech Around the World: Monday Edition December 3rd

Taiwan engineers defeat limits of flash memory
Taiwan-based Macronix has found a solution for a weakness in flash memory fadeout.

Upgrading RAM on new iMac practically impossible
The electronics website iFixit on Friday downgraded the new 21.5-in. iMac’s repair score to 3 out of a possible 10, calling servicing the computer "an exercise in disappointment."

Android Growth Decreases iPad Market Share
Despite leading market share, Apple’s tablet loses 14 percent due to emergence of Android competitors.

Twitter Mentions And Facebook Likes Have No Impact On Sales
Retailers may have hit record sales over the shopping weekend from Thanksgiving through Cyber Monday, but the impact of social media campaigns many of them invested in is less certain.

UK ISPs Block Pirate Bay?s Artist Promotions
Several UK Internet providers are blocking Pirate Bay?s perfectly legal promotion platform for independent artists.