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Scan.Co.UK Offers a Dr. Who Tardis PC for Sale

Scan has built a complete system inside of a near perfect replica of the TARDIS from the popular BBC TV series Doctor Who. This system is housed inside of an aluminum (aluminium for our UK readers) housing that is designed and colored to be an exact replica of the TARDIS.

The system comes configurable at £780.99 starting price with a Gigabyte H61 motherboard, Intel Pentium 3.1GHz Dual Core, 8GB of RAM and 500GB HDD. Including VAT, this system will cost £937.19, which isn’t cheap. The system itself is admittedly pretty pricey considering the components inside and the performance that they’ll deliver. But, this system is a one of a kind computer that some of the biggest Doctor Who fans will absolutely love to have. Not to mention the fact that this computer is upgradeable and you can swap out a lot of the parts inside or simply upgrade the components in the configurator.

With these kinds of unique themed computers, you can’t really expect much of a reasonable price, but Scan does offer a lot of pretty inexpensive upgrades that could make this computer a pretty quick one including Core i7 3770S and SSDs. Do note, that this computer does come with a CD/DVD Blu-ray drive built-in which also adds to the uniqueness of the system as it pops out of the case in a very interesting way.

We configured our own system which cost us £1,210.64 that had a Core i7 3770S, 16GB of RAM, 120GB Corsair SSD, 500GB WD HDD, and Windows 7 Home Premium. Overall, this isn’t an inexpensive system, but it’ll make a great daily computer for anyone that’s a big fan of Doctor Who.

Also, we got some secret information that the UK and Europe will not be alone in getting this system and that there’s even a chance that Scan might be making these systems available in the US early next year.