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Tech News Around The World: 12/11/2012 Long Edition

Pirate Bay Founder Released From Solitary Confinement
After three months in solitary confinement Pirate Bay co-founder Gottfrid Svartholm will be released from custody.

New 5" HTC Will be First with Nvidia Tegra 4
The new HTC 5-incher is set to hopefully bring them back into the game with smartphones. They have had it rough over the last year or so and revenues have declined pretty severely.

Are you ready for under-four hour air travel to anywhere in the world?
Reaction Engines has created a new type of jet engine that ?breathes? air, something that allows the aircraft to move at speeds that Reaction claims are five times the speed of sound.

When The Creators Of Both The Internet And The Web Come Out Against The ITU, Shouldn’t You Too?
When the fathers of both the internet itself and the World Wide Web are both speaking out against the ITU’s efforts to have further control over the future of the internet, isn’t it time to step back and ask what benefit the ITU would really provide.

Gabe Newell says Valve Will Release Own Console-like PC for The Living Room
Valve has stayed mostly quiet about its plans to enter the hardware business, but in an interview with Kotaku at last night’s Video Game Awards, Gabe Newell confirmed the company’s plans to sell its own living room PC that could compete with next-generation consoles from Sony and Microsoft.

Chief Executive of AMD: We Are Not Interested in Low-Volume Customers
In a bid to cut costs, Advanced Micro Devices claims it is turning down certain low-volume deals that require it to invest into implementation of its products.

Facebook, Google, Zynga Ask Courts To Reject Patents On Abstract Ideas
Just because you take an abstract idea and say you do it ?on a computer? or ?over the Internet? doesn?t mean you deserve a patent

Alibaba Reaches 1 Trillion RMB ($157B) in Sales to Become Biggest e-Commerce Company in the World
Chinese e-commerce giant Alibaba sold one trillion RMB worth of goods in 2012, the company announced today. That?s $157 billion U.S. in gross merchandise volume (GMV), which easily surpasses U.S e-commerce giants Amazon and eBay combined.

Samsung Galaxy S4 May Feature Unbreakable Screen
Samsung Electronics? next-generation Galaxy S IV flagship smartphone will not only feature traditional software and hardware innovations, but will also take advantage of the company?s bendable screen technology.

IBM Manufactures Light-Based ‘Nanophotonic’ Chips to Let the Terabytes Flow
IBM’s taken a large step toward computer chips that use photons instead of electrons by manufacturing the first 90nm silicon-based optical processing modules.

Google Fiber Experiment Takes Cable and Cost by Surprise
Google, always on top of their game, experiments with cable television start-up, but not without a hefty pricetag.

25-GPU Cluster Cracks Every Standard Windows Password in Under 6 Hours
A password-cracking expert has unveiled a computer cluster that can cycle through as many as 350 billion guesses per second.

Samsung and Apple Rule Connected Device Share, Those Who Snooze in Mobile, Lose
Samsung and Apple lead the pack in the third quarter of this year with an estimated 21.8 and 15.1 percent share each, based mostly on their mobile dominance.

IBM Manufactures Nanophotonics on 90 nm CMOS, Demos 25 GBPS Per Channel
IBM is among the companies racing to develop nanophotonics which can be incorporated directly side-by-side with traditional silicon-based electronics using traditional manufacturing techniques like complementary metal-oxide semiconductor (CMOS).

Chromebooks for Classrooms: $99
Google has partnered with educational charity site DonorsChoose to offer teachers $99 Chromebooks, until December 21st.

Four Years Later, Facebook Votes Disappear for Good
Only 668,872 votes were cast out of the billion active users for a turnout of 0.067 percent. Facebook is now free to enact its new privacy policies without concern for the vote results.