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Tech Around the World: 12/14/2012

Asustek Teams Up with Via Technologies for Ultra Low-Cost Media Tablets
Asustek Computer has already successfully designed a $199 media tablet together with Google and Nvidia Corp. However, in a bid to sell more tablets in 2013, the company needs even lower price-points.

Hawken Open Beta Goes Live
Hawken, an upcoming mech-based, first-person Massively Multiplayer Online game that puts you in the pilots seat of a huge robot, can now be played in the open beta.

Google Maps Races into No.1 Free iPhone App Spot in 7 Hrs.
Google Maps is driving donuts around other free iPhone apps, skyrocketing to become the No. 1 most downloaded app. It pushed aside Fun Run, YouTube and Interlocked to take the crown.

Seattle Looking to Bypass ISPs with its Own Gigabit Network
There are a growing number of cities that are looking seriously at bypassing the typical ISPs high-speed broadband access, and provide their citizens with true high-speed broadband access much like what we have seen Google do in Kansas City.

GE Uses Jet Engine Tech in New Piezoelectric Coolers for Ultrabooks, Tablets
Component makers have toyed with novel cooler designs like solid-state fans and Stirling engines, but such designs have thus far not been widely adopted in the mobile space.

Windows 8 Apps Hackable and Crackable, Just Like iOS and Android
Windows 8 apps can be hacked for piracy or ad removal. Should Microsoft do more?