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New 3DMark Benchmark Trailer Arrives

Traditionally, each new version of Microsoft Windows operating system would be met with a benchmark from Futuremark which would bring the system down to its knees. For 2012 / 2013, Futuremark decided to up the ante and create a benchmark which will run not only on Windows 8 and RT operating systems, but rather on all major operating systems on the market.

The next-gen 3DMark is targeting all personal computers (smartphones, tablets, desktops, notebooks etc.) running Apple iOS, Google Android and Microsoft Windows operating systems. The company will utilize the same data for all benchmarks, but you’ll have a separation between high and low details, as tablets can’t match 3D performance of yesterday’s desktops, yet alone contemporary machines. According to publicly available information, the benchmark is set for a debut in January 2013, when the final name of the benchmark will be know as well.

In order to give us something to think about, Futuremark released a video showing the Cloud Gate part of the benchmark. Cloud Gate is a DirectX 10-based test which targets contemporary notebooks and home PCs. Thus, click play below and enjoy:

This is not the first video from next-gen 3DMark, though. If you haven’t already, check out the high end, DirectX 11 test called Fire Strike:

What do you think – worth the wait?