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iPhone 5 Sales Are Likely to Disappoint Thanks to Samsung

Over the past few months, we’ve been interested to see how people reacted to the iPhone 5 and what people’s sentiments were. In the months prior to the iPhone 5’s release we saw the launch of the Samsung Galaxy S3, which Samsung had executed masterfully on a global scale. As a result, Samsung Galaxy S3’s were found virtually everywhere. We began to think for a bit and wondered if the Samsung Galaxy S3’s success would eat into the iPhone 5’s success. We then proceeded to conduct a fairly unscientific Facebook Reader Poll. After the results of that poll, we wrote this article stating that the Samsung Galaxy S3 is chewing into iPhone 5 sales before it even came out.

The reason why we came to such a conclusion was primarily because we knew how similar the Samsung Galaxy S3 and iPhone 5 would be in terms of features, with the Samsung Galaxy S3 coming out sooner and with a larger, higher resolution display. After all, these two phones are technically very similar in terms of features, even though the Galaxy S3 has a larger 720P screen and NFC and the iPhone does not. In markets where possible, both the Galaxy S3 and iPhone 5 have 4G, however, many users got tired of waiting for a 4G LTE iPhone 5 and simply went with the next best thing in their minds.

Shortly after our article on September 4th, Samsung announced on September 6th that they had already shipped 20 million Galaxy S3 phones globally in only 100 days. This figure got us thinking again, if Samsung has sold 20 million Galaxy S3 phones, what percentage of those phones are taking away potential customers from Apple? We decided that we would wait and see.

Now, we’re beginning to wrap up the first full quarter of iPhone 5 sales, and we chose to do another poll to see if our readers’ sentiments have changed at all. We wanted to see if there were any phones other than the Samsung Galaxy S3 that had swayed people’s decisions to not get an iPhone, so naturally we asked about Windows Phones and Android phones. Obviously, Android phones are more numerous and popular nowadays, but we wanted to still see what people are looking at instead of an iPhone 5.

In our poll, we got 161 responses with a few user comments to clarify their voting choices. Here is the breakdown of those numbers.

As you can see from our poll, about 30% of people said that no phone out there have caused them not to get an iPhone 5. Some respondents did, however, choose no whenever their response did not match one of the predetermined ones. We picked a Facebook poll because it’s simply easier to get people to vote on something over Facebook and people tend to give more personal opinions.

Looking back at the results, we can see that the Galaxy S3 and Note/Note 2 combined make up 52% of the overall votes. We can also see that the Windows Phones are also gaining some attention, but not nearly as much as their Android competitors, especially from Samsung. The real truth here is that our poll does not represent an overall cross-section of the global market, but we can tell you that we aren’t probably far off from the average. Everywhere you look, you’ll see people carrying Samsung Galaxy S3’s and talking about the Samsung commercials where people share things by touching their phones. Samsung did not only build an absolutely powerful and elegant phone, but they backed it up with the marketing campaign that was needed to combat the strong Apple marketing. The Apple maps debacle, we believe, also may have had an effect on the iPhone 5’s sales as well.

Kudos to Samsung for having shipped as many Galaxy S3’s as they have and we’ll find out shortly how many Samsung Galaxy S3’s they’ve actually shipped and how many sales they may have taken away from Apple.