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Nvidia Launches Tegra Zone for Windows 8 RT

Today Nvidia announced that they would be launching the already popular application for Android devices, Tegra Zone. This announcement comes shortly after we did our review comparing Windows 8 against Windows 8 RT tablets. This is something Nvidia invented back when they started to get heavily involved in the creation of Android devices. It is designed to give users the ability to find applications that are specifically optimized for the chips located in their tablets. Generally speaking, these will be Tegra based devices. Since almost all devices nowadays are shipping with Tegra 3’s, we’d expect those devices to be pretty easy to spot and optimization to be pretty simple.

Currently, the Tegra Zone application for Android has over 5,000,000 downloads. We’ve seen some of their competitors like Qualcomm launching similar efforts like their own Game Command, with little success. Currently, there are 67 different titles listed on the Tegra Zone that are specifically optimized to get better performance with Tegra.

With the launch of Tegra Zone RT (our own naming) for Windows 8 RT devices, we’re already seeing a hard launch with 15 titles, with 10 being currently available now and 5 coming soon. While we wouldn’t necessarily consider this a major launch of any type, it does signify that Nvidia is on top of their game with Windows 8 and fully intends to capture as much of the gamer market as they possibly can before any of their other competitors even has a chance. One must note, however, that the Windows 8 RT app store currently has 2433 games available in the Windows 8 app store. So, Tegra Zone is in fact a very small percentage of all Windows 8 RT games.

As you can see from the screen shots of the application that we took with our ASUS VivoTab RT, there are currently only three devices which they recommend use this application. Those devices are the Lenovo Yoga, ASUS VivoTab RT and the Microsoft Surface tablet. All three of these devices utilize Nvidia’s Tegra 3 and we have a feeling that there may be more coming soon.