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Tech Around the World: 12/27/2012

New Zealand’s largest paper calls Kim Dotcom "good for this country"
Dotcom comes with drama, but he helped expose political scandal in the country.

Microsoft Surface Trampled at the bottom of the tablet pile this Christmas
While it does have drawbacks just like anything else, Microsoft?s (MSFT) Surface is a great slate for those looking for a fresh new take on the modern tablet. Unfortunately, it doesn?t look like very many people were looking for a fresh new take on the modern tablet this holiday season.

Hollywood Studios Caught Pirating Movies on BitTorrent
BitTorrent is used by millions of people every day, including people who work at major Hollywood studios.

Amazon bans Authors from writing Reviews
Scores of authors in Britain and across the Atlantic have recently reported that their reviews have either mysteriously disappeared or were never published.

Sony to Use Gaikai Cloud Stream Service to Ensure Backwards Compatibility with PlayStation Games
Gaikai May Become Key Part of Next-Generation PlayStation Gaming.

LG Display is bringing Ultra HD TVs in multiple sizes, high res mobile screens and more to CES
The manufacturing white label behind products from LG Electronics and many, many other companies, LG Display will have something new for us in Las Vegas as well.