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Most Read Stories of 2012

2012 was a year which shall be remembered for many things, some for good, some for bad things. As it usually goes on Bright Side of News*, we focused on bringing good and constructive articles, filled with facts and siding with the truth.

That meant that we will not be as popular with the companies we work with, but at the end of the day – we exist for our readers, and aren’t siding with anyone. You know how to award that, and we ended 2012 as our record year in terms of unique visitors and page views. Here are ten most read stories over the course of the year:

Which $199 Tablet to Buy: Amazon Kindle Fire HD vs. Barnes & Noble Nook HD vs. Google Nexus 7 Holiday Review – Our review of three popular Android-based tablets gathered a lot of attraction, pitching which tablet performs the best and what software platform gives you the best experience.

Intel Fakes DirectX 11 Ultrabook Demo – During the CES 2012 keynote, Mooly Eden, a senior Intel executive faked how well Intel Ultrabook platform performs in "F1 2011" from Codemasters, a DirectX 11 game.

China: Nvidia Loses Face and a 10 million PC Ordeal over Linux Drivers – We exclusively revealed that Nvidia lost a deal to provide graphics cards to over 10 million school PCs for the Chinese market. The test project saw Nvidia being dropped from a lot of upcoming deals with the Chinese government and its bodies, awarding those contracts to competitors from Intel and AMD.

Guide How to Completely Uninstall AMD Catalyst Drivers – If you own or have owned an AMD graphics card, you were bound to experience that uninstalling AMD Catalyst drivers doesn?t always work. Our guide taught you how to completely remove AMD Catalyst from your system – especially useful for non-WHQL versions (beta drivers).

Real Nvidia Kepler GK104 – GeForce GTX 680 and GTX 670 Specs Leak Out – There were a lot of rumors about the next-generation Kepler, our story added more fuel to the fire in what typically is a "pre-launch spec treasure hunt".

Intel Desktop Roadmap for 2013 Leaked: i7-3970K Coming in Q4 2012, i7-4900 in Q3 2013 – If you’re an enthusiast hungry for CPU computing power, Intel will soon have something new for you. However, do not expect too much before the third quarter of 2013. Our sources close to the heart of company told us numerous times that due to lack of AMD offering of high-end performing desktops and workstations, there’s no incentive inside Intel to push for top performing CPUs.

Intel "Ivy Bridge" Core i7-3770K is Capable of Massive Overclocks – We all knew 22nm process from Intel was something special, and it was confirmed when we were shown that the processor excels in performance. We saw the samples of Core i7-3770K going from 3.5 GHz to a massive 7.06 GHz clock. By raising voltage to 1.889 Volts, using 63x multiplier and 112.11 MHz and using dry ice – the 22nm beast passed 7000 MHz.

Samsung Galaxy S3 will chew into Apple iPhone 5 Sales – Quote from the article, we’ll leave you to conclude if we were right or way off:

"Getting back to the iPhone 5 and Samsung Galaxy S3, the real truth is that Apple will still post stellar numbers and probably beat their ‘expectations’ once again. However, we do believe that these numbers are going to be lower than what Apple or any analyst would have expected earlier in the year prior to Samsung’s SGS3 launch. Also, if you follow the Apple community, you will know that usually around an iPhone or iPad launch some analysts make stratospheric and hyperbolic statements about the sales expectations of the next Apple device."

The 4K Graphics Card Shootout – We were the only publication that pitted AMD Radeon HD 7970 versus Nvidia GeForce GTX 680 in 4096×2160 pixels, using a $35,000 display from EIZO. Was 2012 hardware ready for challenges of tomorrow? Check it out.

Apple Unveils iPad 4, iPad Mini, the New iMac and 13" Retina MacBook Pro – We covered the launch of Apple’s latest products live, with Apple unveiling the complete line-up using the new Lighting connector.

That’s it, our Top 10 stories for 2012. Now, raise your champagne glasses and onto a more fruitful 2013!