Sweet Portable Speakers – a CES Hit

HMDX Audio has blended the idea of sound, food, and a good time into a product line with a great play on words. A ?jam session? is where musicians on various instruments have fun creating improvised music. ?Jam? is a thick fruit spread for toast. HMDX’s Jam is a portable wireless speaker that comes in colors and names associated with common fruits: Apple (green), Apricot (orange), Blackberry (grey), Blueberry (blue), Grape (purple) and Strawberry (red).

This little go-with-you speaker could fit in a backpack or purse at 2.5" x 2.5" x 2.5. ?Super Sweet Sound Quality? is the product tag line and five star reviews have also been sweet, e.g.:

?Such great power from a small speaker? and ?By far the best sound for such a compact size.? Plus, the $49.95 price tag shouldn’t leave a sour taste in your mouth.

The small Bluetooth speaker connects wirelessly to most Bluetooth devices, including smartphones, ?i? products, MP3 players, notebooks, and eReaders. Sound travels to the speaker across a 30 foot room leaving enough space for a dance party. The lithium-ion battery is fully rechargeable, but only holds the charge for four hours of wireless use. Like Cinderella’s ball, your 8PM party must end at midnight, unless connected through Aux-In Audio Jack which lets you groove until the roosters crow.

Seen at Booth 4018 North Hall at CES, the Jam Plus can be paired with another Plus speaker for a two-channel stereo experience. Due out soon, it is only $10 more than the original speaker. Keeping with the theme, these speakers are uniquely packaged in colorful jam jars like you would find on a grocery shelf.

You can preview on line how easy the speaker is to set up and operate by reading the illustrated two page User Manual. The product comes with a one year limited warranty. If you do need to return the item, it is shipped with a pre-printed return label and a promise of a full refund if returned within 30 days.

Their provocative video, although cleverly demonstrating how to ?Spread the Jam? should be labeled, ?Professional Actors, Don’t Try This at Home.?