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You Can Win $$ by Mixing Technology and Health

UnitedHealthcare will be giving out $60,000 in prize money to innovators who can suggest solutions that improve people’s health and the health care system. So put on your thinking cap. For inspiration, one example of a successful ?healthy? console game is DanceDanceRevolution, a music and motion game that combines fun, fitness, competition, dance and music.

Can you come up with an idea that uses technology involving video games, mobile phones, or other devices – an idea that relates to chronic conditions, encourages illness prevention, or enhances the health system? Gail Boudreaux, CEO of UnitedHealthcare explains: ?By engaging people from around the globe, we will be able to identify new thinking that focuses on solutions that promote health, prevent disease and improve medical care. Innovative ideas can come from anywhere, including from people outside the health system.?

UnitedHealthcare Prepared an Elaborate Booth at CES - a gaming floor is being set up on the right

UnitedHealthcare Prepared an Elaborate Booth at CES – a gaming floor is being set up on the right

Your solution doesn’t have to relate only to physical activity or pill monitoring. It can address the intricacies of navigating the health care system, such as the existing Health4Me [free on iTunes], a mobile app that helps traveling UnitedHealthcare plan participants find in-network doctors, benefit information and claim status.

Or you could create an app that motivates individuals to maintain healthy habits, such as the UnitedHealthcare Community Rewards program that rewards children with points for activities including brushing their teeth and visiting their doctors regularly for checkups. The points can be redeemed for great rewards such as a camera or a bicycle.

Perhaps your idea will be the next big release integrating exercise and gaming — known as the ?gamification of health? or fitness gaming. Maybe you could develop an app to help folks in the US work through the new ObamaCare regulations.

You can find details of the challenge and a submission form on line. You must submit your idea between now and April 8.

Video Dance Class for Students is a Fun Way to Tackle Childhood Obesity

UnitedHealthcare is the largest health benefits provider in the US. Optum is an information and technology-enabled health services business. You can visit them at CES booth #25515 in the South Hall to try out the new Classroom Edition of DanceDanceRevolution by KONAMI Digital Entertainment known for Castlevania and Silent Hill. The health-related dance video is aimed at the younger generation of school children and has been used in numerous research studies on childhood obesity.