Kingston at CES 2013 and a 1TB Tablet!

Kingston invited us to their suite this year at CES located at the Caesar’s Palace in Las Vegas. Their suite was designed to not only accommodate the numerous products that they have, but also to commemorate the company’s history with 10 years of HyperX with a simultaneous Starcraft 2 tournament with the culmination of the tournament ending on the night of Kingston’s CES Party.

Nevertheless, we did already announce the majority of Kingston’s newest products in our article during CES, but we wanted to follow up to show you some of the cool demos and upcoming products that they had.

First, they showed off their 16GB kit of 2400MHz DDR3 RAM specifically built for Kingston’s HyperX 10th anniversary. Needless to say, this is a pretty sweet kit of RAM for nearly any user. We’ll be messing with it to see if we can squeeze out any extra clocks out of it.

Next, Kingston showed us their upcoming NUC (Next Unit of Computing) upgrade kit which is designed to help users get more use out of their new Intel NUCs which Intel recently started shipping to consumers. Their goal is to help users upgrade their RAM and SSD capacities in order to gain more use out of their NUC devices. The demo showed off Kingston’s 16GB SoDIMM Kit and 128GB mSATA SSD.

Next, we were shown a demo using 16 of Kingston’s HyperX 3K SSDs which were RAIDed together in order to obtain throughput speeds in IOMeter of over 6000 MB/s. Needless to say, the demo itself was very impressive. What we found even more impressive was the fact that they were able to to tame 16 SATA cables and 16 SATA power cables and make it look somewhat organized.

After that, they let us play with their new 1TB USB 3.0 drive. Yes, we actually got to play with it before it was released. The drive itself isn’t quite finished yet, but is very close to shipping.

Here are a few pictures of us holding the 1TB Kingston HyperX Predator drives as well as using it in a desktop and our Acer Iconia W510 Windows 8 tablet (which it plugged into flawlessly).

And Behold! The 1TB Acer Tablet! Thanks to the 1TB Kingston USB 3.0 Drive!

They also had some displays of the components that they were able to scrounge up from the over 25 years of company history…

Oh, and last but not least, a Kingston E100 enterprise server demo doing 1.8 million IOPS using 24 E100 SSDs.