Thermaltake Shows Very Interesting New Products at CES 2013


Our friends over at Thermaltake invited us over to their suite at the Palazzo for CES 2013 to check out their latest offerings and we must say that we were pleasantly surprised and impressed with the new products they had to offer.

Thermaltake is now a very large company with multiple divisions including their Thermaltake case and power supply brand, Tt eSports for gaming peripherals, Key 3 for their component accessories and Luxa for their mobile accessories, with a heavy focus on Apple.

First, we took a look at Thermaltake’s latest cases.

Pictured above are Thermaltake’s Chaser A31 cases which are a new look for the company as they’ve traditionally gone with asymetrical designs  on many of their cases. They appear to have moved away from the Level 10 design cues and moved on from it. While we definitely appreciated the aesthetics of their line of Level 10 products, including their latest level 10 mouse, which we reviewed, the time has come to move on.

We’re glad to see Thermaltake moving on and simultaneously do their best not to copy their competitors. This is continued with their Urban Simplicity series of cases ranging from the full tower S71 down to the S41 midtower. Pictured below, we have the S71.

This Urban Simplicity series of cases is not only extremely clean looking and easy cable management, but they also come in at a fairly reasonable price, starting at $159 for the S71 and going downward from there.

Continuing from there, we also saw some of Thermaltake’s newest CPU coolers and watercooling products which claim improved compatibility with larger RAM heatsinks and the like.

The new heatsinks are thinner and are more compatible with high-heatsink setups.

These new Water 3.0 watercooling systems have new pumps and improved cooling capabilities while also being thinner and lighter.

Thermaltake also brought back the BigWater series of watercooling products for those that want custom solutions and are now offering a new and improved BigWater 760 Pro.

Moving on from cooling, Thermaltake was showing off some of their current line of peripherals, which we’ve been reviewing through most of 2012. These include some new adjustments to their current line of keyboards and the official launch of the G-UNIT keyboard, which we reviewed a year ago…

Moving on from Tt eSports peripherals, we wanted to talk about some Thermaltake Key 3 accessories which are designed for laptop and tablet users. The first, is the UltraX, which is designed to give tablet and laptop users the ability to connect to a wired port if their device doesn’t have a built-in one. So, for users with Ultrabooks or tablets running Windows 8 without any wired ports, this is a fairly inexpensive simple solution. Unfortunately, though, it is not gigabit.

Another interesting product is the GOrb II, which is designed to be an air cooler for your laptop. This device allows you to set your GOrb down and then set your laptop down on top of it and then plug the GOrb into your USB port and begin to actively cool your laptop. This is a fairly unique way of creating a cooling solution, some may like it, while others may not. It does, however, allow for some fairly effective spot cooling.

Also, as part of their suite, Thermaltake commissioned a modded case for CES 2013, which was made by none other than modding legend Boddaker (also known as Brian). Needless to say, this case looks absolutely fantastic even though it actually is made of a chopped up case.

We saved the best for last, the most surprising things that we saw from Thermaltake. These came from their LUXA division, which has been making pretty solid quality products for as long as they have been in existence.

The first product is a smartphone mobile battery charger, but it isn’t only limited to smartphones. This battery actually holds a capacity of 11,000 mAh, which is equal to the capacity of an iPad. What this enables is one of the few actual devices that can fully charge an iPad, and quickly. It has the ability to power up to 2.1A, which should charge an iPad very quickly. However, there are two USB ports and if they are both being used the device is capable of delivering a combined 2.1A for both ports. So, if you’re charging an iPad, you probably won’t want to charge anything else. The device
is also made of aluminum and is about the same size as an external hard drive, so it isn’t unnecessarily large or cumbersome. 

This is followed by the most impressive product we have ever seen out of LUXA 2. Their NFC enabled Bluetooth 4.0 headset. Yes, Thermaltake of all companies has an NFC enabled Bluetooth 4.0 headset. It not only looks fantastic and has NFC capability that actually works well, but it also sounds pretty damn good. Consider us impressed. This device marks Thermaltake’s slow drift away from an Apple only product portfolio (as well as their new H1 holder that supports up to 4.99" phones). We do believe that Apple will move towards NFC in 2013, but for now it’s all about Android and Windows.

Note, the bottom holes allow for charging and wired use if Bluetooth isn’t desired. The headphones will be available in three colors, White, Red and Black.

Here I am wearing the headphones, photo compliments of Shannon Robb of Thermaltake.

Needless to say, we were pretty impressed with Thermaltake’s LUXA offerings above all, but we were extremely pleased to see the company moving on in their design principals and continuing to improve themselves as a company. We’re hoping to have reviews of these new products ready for you in 2013.