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Lenovo Expands their Product Lines at CES 2013

We met with Lenovo this year at CES and we got introduced to some of their newest products.

Most of the products that we were interested in were mostly tablets, smartphones and Lenovo’s new product line of gaming computers.

First, we got to take a look at Lenovo’s new Gaming PC. This is their Erazer X700 gaming PC. It is designed to cater to the high-end of gamers packing an Intel Core i7 processor and mutli-GPU configurations supporting dual GTX 660’s or dual Radeon HD 7950 graphics cards. It will also have up to 16GB of DDR3 RAM and  In addition to that, the system will have multiple unique features like a removable USB 3.0 1TB hard drive that allows you to easily transport your games between systems. It also has an optional hotswap bay in the front of the tower to enable for more easily swappable storage. In addition to that, Lenovo has a special feature to this system that allows it to have a push button overclock. While we’re not entirely sure why they just don’t constantly run it overclocked, it does seem a bit of a marketing move to have it as a button rather than constantly running. Reminds you of the turbo button days.

Once we took a look at some of their systems, we also got a chance to check out some of their all-in-one PCs. One of their all-in-one PCs had the ability to become a gigantic tablet while another was a desktop integrated into a table. We found the table PC to be the most interesting one and took a video of it.

After that, we took a look at some of their upcoming Android phones featuring both ARM and Intel Atom processors. Needless to say, these phones look very sleek and likely will be very high resolution and fast.