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ADATA Charges Up at CES 2013

We went to CES 2013 visiting ADATA expecting to see more of the same from ADATA, mostly an assortment of USB drives, memory cards, and external hard drives. We certainly got that this year, but ADATA managed to surprise us with one product as well as an overall improvement on the company’s design language and performance. The focus on premium level experiences for consumers is something we haven’t quite seen from ADATA before and is possibly a turning point for the company.

With that, we want to start with the DashDriveAir AE400 (perhaps a more simple name?) which is a wireless device that enables you to share your photos wirelessly with 10 different devices by plugging in an SD card into the device, which then can be wirelessly connect to any PC or Smartphone (via an App). The kicker for this device, which is very similar to something that we saw from Kingston earlier in the show, is that it also has a 5000 mAh battery for charging your mobile devices. This helps consolidate two devices into one, and also makes the device dual purposed which makes it a useful companion to any DSLR shooting smartphone/tablet user.

Following that, we got a chance to look at ADATA’s more traditional product lines including some MicroSDXC memory cards, Thunderbolt hard drives, and USB 3.0 thumb drives.

First, came the ADATA’s 64GB MicroSDXC memory card, which should add a ton of capacity to anyone’s smartphone or tablet with reasonably fast speeds considering it is UHS Class 1 speed.

After that, we took a look at ADATA’s SE900 Thunderbolt enabled 256GB hard drive, which will be their first and fastest Thunderbolt accessory. Not only that, but this drive is actually an SSD, which means that it will be very fast compared to most Thunderbolt drives, and very shock resistant.

Last, but not least, we have the USB 3.0 UE700 (same name as a Logitech pair of headphones we reviewed?). This is ADATA’s best and fastest USB drive on the market. While they haven’t claimed exact speeds, yet, we’ve heard murmurings of speeds in excess of 200 MB/s. While we’re not sure how this is possible, we’re more than happy to see something this thin and small being that fast. This is probably one of the best looking USB drives we’ve ever seen come to market, and we’re excited to see how it performs.

Well, that’s it for ADATA at CES 2013, hopefully we’ll have more for you with updates and reviews through 2013.