Lian Li Chugs Along at CES 2013


This year, we got a chance to take a look at Lian Li’s upcoming lineup for 2013, Computex releases notwithstanding since Computex is in June.

We spoke with Eric Zarshenas of GlobalPR for Lian Li and he showed us some of Lian Li’s upcoming products.

The first case we saw was the PC-X3, which is Lian Li’s attempt at a more gamer-ish looking case. This case is not even in the catalogue that they provided us with, so it is clearly very new. However, we don’t really think that this case fits Lian Li as a brand because it really doesn’t have anything that makes it incredibly unique in terms of design. This looks like another iteration of Antec’s 900, 1200 or Thermaltake’s V9. We’re a little disappointed that Lian Li buckled and followed the ‘copy’ trend. Admittedly, this thing is still all aluminum, but I don’t really think that many people will care if it looks like every other gamer case.

The second one we saw, was their already announced and released at Computex PC-CK101 this is their train PC which is designed to fit an ITX motherboard and be an operationally moving train as well. While we really don’t see any use for this, we have to admit that Lian Li has consistently been the company to release odd looking cases that, if anything think outside the box. Sort of like this and this (yes that’s the Burj al Arab hotel).

Next, we checked out the PC-Q02B, which is a Mini-ITX case who’s expressed design is to be used as a very low power HTPC and to still look very clean and have two USB 3.0 ports on the front of it while having room for three hard drives.

The next case really caught our eye, not because of it’s crazy design or anything like that, but because of it’s relative simplicity and front facing nature with a big front window. This is the Lian Li PC-Q30, this is yet another ITX case with room for two 2.5" hard drives and two USB 3.0 ports on the front. It could be a nice display piece for someone’s hometheater if they want to show off their geeky side, I guess.

Next, we have the Micro-ATX slim-line PC-A02, which is a very diminutive case but is fully featured with a lot of room for fans and hard drives. This case looks like one that would be nice for people that are used to the standard tower design, but want something a little smaller, while still looking very polished.

Following that, we got to take a look at the PC-TU200B, which isn’t in itself a new case, however we had reviewed it last year. And we must say, this thing looks damn good in black. Clearly Lian Li agreed with us and put a relatively old case up for viewing during CES.

Following that, we checked out the PC-N1, who’s expressed purpose is to enable the Intel NUC to have a better looking case with better cooling. This is because the current case for the NUC is only plastic and has some pretty awful cooling. This is more of an aluminum shell more than anything, but it will look very nice mounted to any TV or monitor compared to what is currently available from Intel.

We also got to take a look at Lian Li’s newest and beefiest case (except for the PC-D8000, we don’t even consider that a case anymore).

This is the PC-V850, the bigger brother of the PC-V650 (which we’re working on a review for) and the PC-V750. This case features some of Lian Li’s new case design principals including a combination of slider feet for the front legs of a case and wheels for the back. It also features a unique cooling solution and motherboard ‘tray’ as you can see in the picture and video below. We also really like what they did with the power button, and hope to see it in more Lian Li cases soon.

That wraps up Lian Li at CES 2013, hopefully we’ll have more Lian Li news for you at Computex.