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Conexant Launches New Chips for High Definition Mobile & Smart TV Audio

In order to provide high quality audio for consumer electronics devices these days you have to rely on a chip vendor such as Conexant. The company released three new products, targeting large variety of devices for its current and future customers.

The company launched three chips, each with different power consumption and capabilities. The biggest and most powerful is the CX20865, multi-core SoC (System-on-a-Chip) which exclusively targets Smart TV market. The chip combines Far-Field Voice (FFV) with Automated Speech Recognition (ASR), which results in several new capabilities for Smart TV’s of tomorrow. First and foremost, Smart TV’s which will end up using CX20865 will be able to wake up from sleep mode using speech only. Improved audio positioning and speech recognition algorithms will lead to reducing the importance of the TV remote, should you want to control the TV with voice commands.

Another piece of innovation is "Watch Live and Talk" or another name for blending multiple audio streams, which should result in two people sitting to the left and right and receiving different audio streams as well. This is an interesting follow-up to the interesting feature of some 3D TV’s: enabling two video streams at the same time. The chip pricing is set at $5.5 in 100,000 quantities and should all things go well, you should see first TV sets with this SoC in several quarters.

Conexant CX20787-11ZP Chip

Second chip is known as the CX20787, and targets tablets, ultrabooks, mediaplayers and of course – smartphones. This is a low power chip which has low power consumption as a paramount in the design. The chip’s processing cores support baseline software algorithms and has Class-D speaker and Class-G headphone amplifiers, enabling a strong sound delivery to the desired usage model. This chip is currently in sample stage to proven customers, and has no price for volume orders.

Third and the last chip launched targets the rising market of USB headsets and headphones, as well as game console headsets. CX20873 is an audio chip designed to cater to audio standards from Dolby Laboratories. This chip features Dolby Digital Plus (E-AC-3) decoder, Dolby Pro Logic II and Dolby Headphone decoders, as well as Conexant’s proprietary voice processing algorithms. The chip supports up to 7.1 channel surround. Pricing starts at $3.59 in 10,000 unit quantity.