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86-Year Old Grandma Plays Computer Games to Stay Sharp


There’s plenty of mainstream media FUD (Fear, Uncertainty, Doubt) when it comes to negative aspects of computer games. However, what if video games actually stimulate brain functions and socialization aspects, rather than isolating an individual?

Maybe the best example doesn’t come from the young among us, but rather looking at people at the peak of their wisdom, in third era of life. We invite you to meet Hilda Knott, an 86-year old British lady who’s been playing computer games for 40 years now, ever since the first computer and arcade games started to appear.

If you think she’s special, she used to play multiplayer games with her 94-year old aunt and they had a lot of fun. This is just one shining example of how games can socialize and engage people in the so-called third era of life. Naturally, it is much easier to diss out how the world changed in a good way, but we hope that Hilda Knott will continue to enjoy in video games for many more years to come.

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