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VIDEO: Crysis 3 Brings Amazing Details

Crysis 3 will see the light of day on February 19th (NorthAmerica), 21st in EMEA, 22nd in Australia and New Zealand, while Japan will have to wait until March 9th. As a build up prior to game release, more and more videos are coming out, showing just how great the third generation CryENGINE is. The release cycle reminds us of Epic Games in early years, when a new iteration of Unreal Engine was greeted with a new Unreal (or Unreal Tournament) game. CryTek is pulling a similar move, having Crysis 3 as a poster child for capabilities of the 3rd Generation CryENGINE.

To see just what Crysis 3 is bringing into the fold, we invite you to check out the Crysis 3 Single-Player Demo gameplay in Full HD Quality. This is an interactive trailer, and you’ll have to choose between different game styles.

Crysis 3 "Single Player Demo Gameplay" in Full HD Quality.

We continue with the demonstration of just how smooth Crysis 3 runs on its ideal platform, HD 7970 in CrossfFire mode. As the name of the video says, you can see gameplay at maximum settings in top quality (full) and Full HD graphics quality (1920×1080).

Gameplay on AMD Radeon HD 7970 Crossfire

For the end, we leave you with a 25 minute video that goes in depth what CryEngine 3 and Crysis 3 can do, and how do they do it. If you’re feeling a little technical, this is the video for you.

CryENGINE 3 video presentation during Crysis 3 Community Day.