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Qualcomm Launches Snapdragon BatteryGuru Beta

Xiam Technologies Limited, a division of Qualcomm, Incorporated, today released a public beta of their new Snapdragon BatteryGuru application on the Android marketplace.

What does the BatteryGuru do exactly?

It extends the battery life and performance and improves overall user experience by intelligently making adjustments that help to optimize the Snapdragon device functionality. The app is designed to help deliver longer battery life with fewer charges. And it will do this by intelligently learning how you use your phone and optimizes your device without disabling smartphone functionality. The application requires no setup, BatteryGuru automatically learns and adjusts the smartphone settings so you don?t have to.

After a brief 2-4 day introduction period, Snapdragon BatteryGuru learns the user?s behaviors and then notifies the user that it is ready to extend the battery life and improve the experience. Snapdragon BatteryGuru continues to operate in the background, deepening its understanding of the user and further optimizing the experience over time.

Below are some screenshots of the app, letting you know exactly how it works to save you battery life.

You can change the above settings if you don’t like the way that Snapdragon BatteryGuru handles them. This appears to be Qualcomm’s own attempt to control how the Android operating system manages battery life by adding their own software features through detailed hardware access.