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GTX Titan Vs. HD 7970 GHz Edition Preview Gallery

Since we can’t show you benchmarks until Thursday, we figured we’d give you some teasers of what’s to come including pictures from the system that we tested as well as the graphics card top to bottom.

Here you have the GTX Titan in all its glory full frontal

Here’s a closeup of the GeForce GTX Titan’s fan which blows through the vapor chambered fins.

Here’s the back-side shot of the board. As you can see this PCB is very similar to the one on the K20.

Here we have three Titans showing off their 6+8-pin power adapters and SLI connectors.

Here they are again, stacked on top of each other in what you’d see them like in an SLI configuration (with a bit more space between them).

Here we have our GHz Edition HD 7970’s from Powercolor with our GTX Titans. This is what we’ll be comparing for our benchmarks. GPU vs GPU.

Here is the Maingear system that Nvidia sent us for our GTX Titan testing, we’ll be doing the majority of our testing, however, in our X79 bench.

Here is a closeup shot of the GPUs inside of the system running Surround on three monitors.

Stay tuned to BSN* this Thursday for updates on the benchmark scores against AMD’s Radeon HD 7970 GPU.