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Google Now for iOS Leaked in a Video, Windows Version Next?

Google Now just might reach the iOS platform if we are to believe a teaser video that got pulled from YouTube in the meantime. Fortunately, the Engadget crew that received the tip for the video managed to save a low resolution version – and it appears to be the real deal. The narrator seems to be of a similar voice as in the first Google Now video, and the overall style bears a strong Google signature.

Given that there is already a dozen of Google "Featured Apps" existing on the iOS platform (Google Search, Maps, Google+, YouTube, Google+ Local, Gmail, Chrome, Google Drive, Google Latitude, Google Play Books, Google Play Music, Google Offers), such a move by the company should not be unduly surprising to anyone – even though the service itself was a distinctive point for Android mobile platform.

In addition, such a move should be even less shocking if you can recall of the recent bragging of the Google co-founder Larry Page: he was almost flamboyantly proud with Google Apps found on the iPhone and iPad during earnings call this January. At that point, half a dozen of the Google’s apps were situated in Apple’s top free apps section of the App Store.

Google Now service will, according to the video, be integrated into an update of the existing Google Search app, and the service itself would start with a mere swipe upwards on the screen while the app is active. The company from Mountain View has not yet decided to comment on the leak.

What is additionally worth noting is that in the latest version of Chromium a developer Francois Beaufort found some traces of the Now service: "Google Now is behind an eponymous flag in chrome://flags in the last Chromium build. Sadly, we still can’t play with it yet because the Google Now server URL still remains secret.". In short, that means the Windows version might be around the corner as well. For more technical details, jump to the source link below.