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Seagate Ships 2 Billion Hard Drives

Seagate [NASDAQ:STX] yesterday announced that they had shipped 2 billion drives over the course of the company’s history. They only recently announced, back in 2008 that they had shipped 1 billion drives since the company’s inception back in 1979. It only took them 4 years to go from 1 billion to 2 billion, a huge ramp up of hard drive production and sales.

It took Seagate 29 years to reach their first billion and only four years to reach their second billion. With hard drive shipments not looking to slow any time soon, there’s a good chance that Seagate could see themselves shipping another billion very soon. That is, unless capacities increase significantly enough to satisfy people’s needs for both consumer and enterprise, which is looking unlikely at the current moment.

Seagate’s CEO chimed in stating, ?This is truly an impressive accomplishment and I am proud to lead this company as we celebrate this success. This achievement is a testament to the commitment of our employees whose relentless dedication and personal pride continue to be the fabric of this company.?

Seagate is currently up 1.63% on yesterday’s news and saw similar stock growth yesterday.

As both Seagate and Western digital continue to grow in size, their roles will continue to evolve and they will find themselves innovating with their products. We’re beginning to see companies like Western Digital launching a line of routers with integrated hard drives and Seagate launching portable harddrives with Wi-Fi hotspot for mobile devices. As big data and cloud services expand, they will need more hard drives as consumers demand fewer traditional hard drives in consumer computers. The next few years should be interesting as the PC market evolves and hard drives’ roles change and morph into new products.