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LG Trolls Samsung Ahead of Galaxy S IV Launch in New York

In a very responsive bit of guerilla marketing, LG Mobile USA has run a digital banner in New York’s Times Square. This banner is directly placed above one of Samsung’s banners advertising the release event for their newest phone, the Galaxy S IV. We’ve already run multiple articles detailing the specifications and looks of the new phone. Samsung has been running advertisements and banners across the web and public places pushing this big 4 allusion to a Galaxy S 4. However, LG did a pretty good job of playing on this theme and ran an advertisement stating that their Optimus G is already available ‘4’ you now. We recently reviewed their Optimus G and found it to be one of the best Android phones out there.

By the looks of it, the Galaxy S4 will do similar to what the S3 did with the US market and global market. They will launch a Samsung SoC based phone (8-core big.LITTLE) globally, and then a Qualcomm Snapdragon based model in the US to satisfy the carriers desires for an integrated LTE modem. Later today, we’ll see whether or not all of that is true as Samsung’s event starts tonight at 7pm EST. We’ll bring you coverage of that event as it occurs.