Samsung Upgrades to Three Co-CEOs, Yes, Three


In addition to yesterday’s ‘interesting’ Galaxy S IV launch, Samsung also made some significant announcements in terms of their company’s leadership organization.

From hence forth, Samsung will now be a three CEO company. Yes, you heard us right. Samsung will have three Co-CEOs running the company. Prior to the announcement, Oh-Hyun Kwon held the position of Vice Chairman and Chairman of the Board of Directors in addition to being CEO. His job is to oversee Samsung’s component business.

The two gentlemen that were promoted to CEO positions, Boo-keun Yoon and J.K. Shin both will continue to oversee the divisions that they were once presidents of. Boo-keun Yoon will continue to oversee the consumer electronics, which includes Samsung’s wildly successful TV and appliance businesses. While J.K. Shin will continue to oversee the IT and Mobile Communications division of the company, responsible for Samsung’s wild growth in the mobile sector.

While we have no idea what actually motivated Samsung to move into a three CEO organization, we have a hard time believing that these men are necessarily equals. If these men are indeed considered equals, then there is a good chance that there will inevitably be conflicts and infighting which will ultimately hurt the company. If you look at the history of almost every single technology company (or most companies in general) they have not necessarily done the best under two CEOs. Usually, those scenarios are created as compromises to a problem rather than an intentional choice to have multiple CEOs.

Blackberry was famous for having two CEOs, and eventually, as times got tougher and the company floundered due to a lack of innovation, the two CEOs stepped down. While Blackberry’s future is still uncertain, it is certain that we have no idea what Samsung is trying to accomplish by having three CEOs. Having three CEOs sounds incredibly wasteful and in our eyes can only harm the company’s future rather than strengthen it. To have three Chief Executive Officers almost sounds like an oxymoron when you actually read the meaning of Chief Executive Officer.

We’re not sure why Samsung chose this time to make such a significant announcement, but perhaps they thought that if it was a big deal it would be dwarfed by the Samsung Galaxy S IV announcement. And if it wasn’t a big deal, then nobody would notice and the company would hopefully move along like nothing happened. We’re still trying to figure out the ramifications of such an arrangement, but we’ve rarely seen two CEOs successfully run a company, let alone three.