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Rumored Motorola ?X Phone? Might Not Be a Single Device

In recent months, there were plenty of rumors surrounding the future of the fallen Motorola Mobility and their role in the overall smartphone market. Being purchased by Google for $12.5 billion USD a year ago did not exactly help them in the transition: mid-August last year they announced a cut in workforce by 20% and closure of one third of the offices. Recently they announced that 10% more of the workforce will have to be laid off.

There are glimpses of light at the end of the tunnel for the company (and hopefully that is not a train), and it is all led by the aforementioned rumors ? an X Phone brand, that many thought of as a single flagship smartphone rather than anything else. In the most recent scoop of such news comes a surprise: X Phone might actually be an entirely new brand from Motorola, which should compete with the likes of Samsung?s Galaxy, or Nokia?s Lumia, etc. Moreover, that particular brand might see the light of the day around June already ? which makes sense as the developer conference Google I/O 2013 is happening mid-May. There is a chance we will see some new hardware announced as well.

The rest of the rumors are as follows:
· Customers will be able to customize their device. They can choose the color of the device and configure some of the hardware specs like RAM and internal storage. Motorola will guarantee your custom device will be delivered in one week.

· Customers can pre-load their own wallpapers, ringtones, apps, contacts, etc. before the device arrives.

· Motorola will guarantee at least one full Android version update after the purchase of the phone. Software updates will be delivered by Motorola, and not the carrier.

· The first ?X Phone? will be an octo-core (likely big.LITTLE ARM cores) device, with a full core dedicated to Motorola?s new human language system.

· Motorola and Google will heavily subsidize the cost of the device to attract more customers.

Whilst most of the rumors are actually credible, the one including the octo-core chip inside is certainly not among them. The only octo-core solution of today is Samsung?s Exynos, and even that actually uses four high-powered Cortex-A15s and four slower Cortex-A7s in an ARM CPU configuration known as the big.LITTLE. Tegra 4 announced this January is also a quad-core Cortex-A15 solution with an additional single low power companion core, and Qualcomm?s strongest (and not yet available) solution is a quad-core Snapdragon 800 (using Krait 400 CPU).

We’ll follow this rumor as it develops and continue to report on it as we get more information.