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TCL Publishes Exclusive Iron Man 3 Trailer

In an attempt to launch themselves into the US market starting from the high-end, TCL, a Chinese TV maker, has posted an Iron Man 3 trailer from Marvel that includes TCL prominentely featured.

TCL has already bought the naming rights to the Mann Chinese Theater in LA which is now known as the TCL Chinese Theater. Admittedly, this is a great marketing opportunity for TCL to get people to recognize the brand name and to familiarize themselves with the American market. By launching their 4K TV in the US, TCL is showing themselves as a quality brand and trying to push themselves as a premium product first, which we agree is a good approach.

Below, is the actual trailer featuring Iron Man 3 and TCL prominently.

We’re hopefully going to see more from TCL shortly, in the US, and we’re hopeful to finally see Iron Man 3 come out with all of the hype surrounding it since we first saw the first trailer at Comic-Con last July.