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Daft Punk Enters RAM Market with New Album, Random Access Memories

Many of us here at BSN* are huge fans of Daft Punk, myself being the most rabid fan of all of us. Today marks the announcement of Daft Punk’s newest album, Random Access Memories. This is a clear play on the computing terminology Random Access Memory also known as RAM. The cool thing is that Daft Punk has always been on the forefront of technology and they’ve always had a strong following among the technology inclined. With this album, we don’t really know what to expected, but we can already say that they’re very forward thinking.

What do we know so far? Well, the website RamdomAccessMemories.com is where you can hear a short clip of the video and either visit the Columbia Records webpage, or share the page via Twitter, Facebook as well as buy the Album on iTunes OR get a physical copy. The really cool thing that Daft Punk has done with the physical copies is first, they’re only charging $1 more for the physical CD over the price of the iTunes release (almost a no-brainer). Secondly, there is a vinyl version of the album that you can buy, which will be great for analog enthusiasts and DJs that still spin vinyl. Not to mention, it’s a pretty awesome keepsake. Afterall, Daft Punk hasn’t released a studio album since back in 2005 with Human After All. In addition to the vinyl version, which will cost you $39.99, you will also get a digital download link from Daft Punk so that you can have both the digital and vinyl version. We don’t know any details about what format that download will be in, but I’m really hoping for FLAC.

The album is set to release on May 21st, according to the iTunes listing which shows a 13 track list, but with no names. Needless to say, we can’t wait for this new album to come out and we’ll be even more tickled if the track names continue to play on computer hardware names, we know it’ll get a lot of their biggest fans excited.