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Early Build of Windows Blue Leaks Online

After a number of rumors, a nice piece of hard evidence of Windows Blue just ended up online on various file-sharing networks in the form of build 9364, which most likely belongs to Milestone 1. Although this is an early build, there are some evident changes inside, Internet Explorer reached version 11, and more Live Tile sizes are now available, snap view gained an additional option of covering half of the screen, to name a few for a start. Before we continue into some more details, first things first ? Modern style (Metro) is not going away, rather it is evolving in a number of ways and fixing some of the more notable faults of the Windows 8. At this first glance, there are no notable changes in the desktop environment.

Aside from new additional ways of customization of the Start Screen in Windows Blue, Live Tiles are now available in smaller size (each taking up a quarter of the previous square tile in a similar scheme already applied on the Windows Phone), which should provide some users of extra-large screens a bit of relief. That is not all, however, live tiles are now available in a monstrous size as well (occupies space of four standard square tiles).

The control panel in Modern style is getting much more options that user had to access via standard (desktop) control panel settings, and it is a right step for those who spend more time operating in the touch interface for some reason. It is just that much more convenient, although the double way of accessing the same options may still be confusing to some.

Additional snap view mode is now incorporated, providing users to snap exactly half of the screen to each app, which greatly improves the multitasking. In current version of Windows 8, user is able to snap only in 1:3/3:1 ratios, which severely limits the usability. SkyDrive is now more integrated according to some screenshots, and the Share charm option (finally) includes a screenshot option.

See the video below for more interactive details:

We will update the article as we dig up more information about the build.