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PHOTO: Rightware Basemark X ? A Great Looking Mobile Benchmark?


Rightware, maker of several benchmarks and custom UI engines – released a very interesting image on their Facebook page, showing what looks to be the first image from Basemark X, their multiplatform benchmark based on Unity 4.0 Engine. Basemark X promises to be one of most complex benchmarks for mobile devices released so far, with the polygon count in some test sequences going as high as 900,000 polygons.

Screenshot from Basemark X. Credit: Rightware Oy
Screenshot from Basemark X. Credit: Rightware Oy

This without any doubt, will bring mobile chips to their knees. Regardless of are those chips coming from Qualcomm, Nvidia, AMD, Intel, Texas Instruments, HiSilicon, Rockchip or others, 900,000 polygons will load the graphics subsystem beyond measure.

The benchmark is "coming soon," which should be a codename for "coming in the next two weeks". We can?t hardly wait. In meanwhile, you can check their Kanzi UI Solution video, which provides more details about the application suite in which the company builds their most popular products (check the video at 1:05min):