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Apple Running ?late? with the iOS 7

It is a new year for Apple ? and with it, a season of the new iDevices is almost here. After several changes in the company core the one holding responsibility for the iOS platform is not Scott Forstall, its original creator, but Jony Ive ? a masterful minimalist – at least when it comes to hardware. Ive?s first touches should be recognized in the iOS 7, which is will likely going to appear sometime this year ? but it is behind schedule.

John Gruber, an Apple enthusiast and an author of the Daring Fireball website apparently managed to get some internal information regarding the new version of the iOS. With shifts inside the company, and having designer and developer teams working more close than ever under the CEO Tim Cook, it seems that even the OS X software engineers have been transferred from work on the OS X 10.9 to the iOS 7. That move is understandable, given the fact that the Worldwide Developer Conference (WWDC) is coming closer with each passing day ? rumored date frame is Monday to Friday (June 10-14) for this year?s conference.

Allegedly, people at Apple are very happy with what both Cook and Jony Ive have done thus far ? but there is much work left, and time is passing by. Gruber notes that the changes are ?system-wide? when it comes to the user interface itself, and that may have been the culprit this time around. Regardless of what cosmetic or core adjustments iOS gets in versions to follow, parts of Forstall?s effort will surely still remain in the platform for some time to come.

Source: Daring Fireball