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Blackmagic Design Launches Portable 4K and Pocket 1080P Cameras

Blackmagic Design company today announced two new camera products on the first day of NAB conference.

The first major news is the new 35mm camera, offering 4K resolution shooting for $3995. 4K for $4K. Additional features include an SSD recorder, incorporated 5" touch screen with the ability to input metadata, compressed DNG and Prores recording, BOTH in 4K and 1080p, with frame rates ranging from 23.98 to 30p. There is also the global shutter, which should solve the major drawback of most CMOS sensors, the infamous "jello" effect, a Thunderbolt connection and Canon EF lens support. This should bring a smile to many shooters faces as the 35mm motion imaging camera market has just had a kick. Interestingly, this new 4K camera surprisingly does not contain "cinema" naming, but its 12 stops of DR are nothing to be sneezed at.

The second camera is a pretty huge step in compact film making. It is a 16mm 1080p Pocket Cinema Camera, which brings 13 stops of lossless DNG or Prores video to a device able to carried everywhere. Recording media used are SD cards, camera has an active Micro Four Thirds lens mount and an integrated 3.5" LCD. Frame rates available are also from 23.98 to 30p. All this fits in a neatly into a 12 ounce housing. Something probably tons of shooters have waited for quite a while.

Both of the cameras will most obviously make a quite splash, shipping starts in July for $4K and $995 respectively.