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Henri Richard Leaves Freescale, Joins SanDisk

After spending six years in Freescale and the world of embedded electronics, the former Chief Sales Officer at AMD decided to change his overalls once more, choosing to join SanDisk. This racer-turned-sales exec is more known to the general public as the founder of Silicon Tech Racing, which had a good joint run with Patrick Dempsey’s racing team, Dempsey Racing.

In the world of IT, Henri is mostly known from the first glory days of AMD, when the company enjoyed the success of the Opteron and Athlon product lines, taking the largest market share in the history, linking itself with Ferrari and so on, and so forth. Henri was also one of instrumental people that brought Mubadala Abu Dhabi into the world of semiconductors, with GlobalFoundries being the shiniest example how jobs are created in the United States, Germany, Singapore and Abu Dhabi.

Following the departure from AMD, Henri found himself in the same position at Freescale Semiconductor, a fabless semiconductor that rose from the fallout of Motorola. When we received the information that Henri was leaving Freescale after six years, we wondered where he might end up.

The answer came in a form of a company that recently went on a hiring spree, luring seasoned executives such as Drew Henry from Nvidia, and now Henri from Freescale. The world of storage is rapidly changing and with the regular NAND Flash beginning to hit the wall, and the rise of new technologies such as Resistive RAM (ReRAM) and Stacked DRAM (Hybrid Memory Cube) – SanDisk stands to capitalize where a lot of other memory vendors have failed. New technology brings in new opportunities, and people like Drew Henry and Henri Richard know where the growth opportunities lie.

It will be interesting to follow what SanDisk is going to come up with over the next couple of quarters, knowing the people that they have.