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Nokia Lumia 920 is Now The Most Used Windows Phone Device


This Monday, April 8, AdDuplex has provided some insight into their Windows Phone analysis just this Monday ? and what comes as no surprise is the fact Nokia literally carries the Microsoft?s mobile platform. Finish manufacturer has an absolute dominance with 80% of all Windows Phone devices coming from them. Next one in line is the HTC (14%), followed by Samsung (5%), then all the others in 1%.

Windows Phone Devices Worldwide Usage

What is curious to note is that the Lumia 920 managed to pop onto first place (basically shared with Lumia 800 now) in worldwide WP usage stats, while only a month ago it was on the fourth position. Lumia 620 is also showing up a significant penetration level, having 7% already after just entering some markets (2% in previous month). What this shows that, at least when it comes to Windows Phone purchasers, there is enough interest for both low cost devices as well as flagship units. AdDuplex does note that there were significant bumps found in the data gathered for the Lumia 920, and they explain it with possible supply/production problems that the unit had.

Lumia 800 is still having a significant impact on the Windows Phone platform, and according to information AdDuplex managed to get, in recent times it is mostly due to ?leftovers? that are being heavily pushed on various markets. When it comes to Windows Phone itself, WP8 managed to jump from 31% to 43% in just one month, doubling the growth compared to months before. Of course, it comes at an expense of the Windows Phone 7.x.

Windows Phone Manufacturers Share in the US

US stats have not changed much, according to the data. While Windows Phone as platform is generally having difficulties to connect with the average US consumer, both HTC and Samsung have a slightly higher percentage (26% and 7% respectively) than what the global chart tells us, and the carrier situation hasn?t changed in any significant way ? 43% on AT&T, while T-Mobile has grown 1% to 22% and Verizon lost 1% (now at 30%).

AdDuplex also discovered some unknown devices, noting that ?Except for devices noticed last month (RM-860 (Lumia 928), RM-892 and RM-893) we?ve seen only one phone we weren?t able to identify. It has a model name of RM-877_nam_att_205. As you can guess, it was spotted on AT&T in the US and all we can say is that it has a screen scale factor of 160, meaning a 1280×768 resolution.?

All of the data AdDuplex gathered and analyzed is collected from 494 Windows Phone apps that use AdDuplex SDK v.2. While it might not be a representative sample by itself, it is certainly a piece of information which provides some meaningful indications month after month.