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Thinklogical Delivers Mil-Spec Networking to Entertainment Biz

NAB 2013: Thinklogical introduces their ultra-fast, ultra-secure fiber router and extender solutions to production companies needing uncompromising content management and delivery.

As digital video resolution, data rates, and file sizes skyrocket within the entertainment industry, the need for lossless content management becomes more demanding. More production companies require transportation of their high definition content quickly and securely, without worrying about loss in quality.

Thinklogical, a relatively new design and manufacturer firm of fiber-based solutions, specializes in creating infrastructure that can deliver uncompressed video, audio and KVM signals at the speed of light, without frame loss. And because the data is sent securely through fiber, sensitive assets cannot be sniffed or hacked between points. Their systems are already trusted and utilized in government sectors, command centers, and other secure intelligence facilities, at the highest levels of security standards. Most notably, Thinklogical?s services are used in the control and viewing of UAV signals from across the globe, in real time.

Now they want to bring their solutions to the entertainment industry, one that has a similar demand in performance and security over wide areas, especially with the ever increasing growth in data sizes. Their systems enable organizations to collaborate and control assets between sites of distances of up to 40 km (25 mi), creating new workflows that allow for greater productivity and efficiency. A few production companies in Santa Monica, CA already use Thinklogical?s infrastructure, one of them coordinating work between two offices 24 km (15 mi) apart in real time.

A variety of sources (AVID bays, SDI/HDMI, computer, KVM, etc.) connect to a Thinklogical transmitter box, and are then converted to fiber optic signals. These signals are then received by the a matrix switch, whether in another area of a building or an offsite location, where they?re routed to endpoint displays/clients by a control system. This control system can route content from any source onto any configuration of endpoints, with use of their web browser-based control panel connected to a local IP, with drag and drop functionality.

Thinklogical?s design team tailors these systems specifically for each company?s needs. So pricing will widely vary between 10?s of thousands to millions, depending on how much connectivity they need, and if systems need to be local or remote capable (requires more routing hardware on both points). While this core concept is already widely practiced with current CAT/copper standards over IP, when you need to quickly and securely coordinate your content at its highest levels without compromise, fiber is definitely the future.