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Microsoft Prepared to Join the Smart Watch Race?

?Who?s NOT building a smart watch?? list just got reduced by one. Microsoft Corp. (MSFT) is allegedly preparing to enter this game as early as the rest of the competitors, making it a thrilling race in what could possibly be ?the next big thing? after smartphones and tablet devices.

As some gadget-loving folks may recall, the software giant from Redmond was in this segment before, as part of the Smart Personal Object Technology (SPOT). Devices (including watches) powered by this technology could use a part of the radio networks in order to deliver weather, news, stock and sports results information onto screens. At the very end, idea did not work out and the program got cut back in 2008.

The Wall Street Journal received some information from the ?executives at suppliers?, who claim that the ?Microsoft is working on designs for a touch-enabled watch device.? According to them, Microsoft even asked suppliers to ship components (chips and 1.5? screens) for a potential ?watch-style device?, though it is unclear if the company is going to pursue the idea.

As we noted earlier, in this year only ?the global watch industry, however (un)related to this, is going to make more than 60 billion USD in sales,? and Gartner research even provided their expectation of the wearable smart electronics industry. Their projections show that this industry will be worth at least $10 billion by 2016. Though the smart watch can be observed as an entirely different category of ?mobile? devices, it does make one wonder if Microsoft truly has a chance of having any success with something like that – particularly given the fact that it already has severe problems penetrating both important mobile markets: tablets and smartphones. As per usual, Microsoft declined to comment on rumors. 

Source: WSJ
Image credit: bswas