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Daft Punk Releases Tech Inspired Tracklist for RAM

The artists known as Daft Punk have always been known for being forward looking in their music and how they interact with their fans. Their newest album and the marketing and hype around it are no different.

Today, Pitchfork posted a track list from the album which was released via a Vine video. For those unfamiliar with Vine, it is an application designed for iOS devices (will likely move to Android soon) that allows you to put together very short videos that can be made up of image stills, video clips or both. It allows for very easy and quick sharing of video and a new way of creating a GIF for the modern age.

The track list itself is as follows:

01 Give Life Back to Music

02 The Game of Love

03 Giorgio by Moroder

04 Within

05 Instant Crush

06 Lose Yourself to Dance

07 Touch

08 Get Lucky

09 Beyond

10 Motherboard

11 Fragments of Time

12 Doin’ It Right

13 Contact

Some of these track names are clearly following with the computer theme of the album’s name Random Access Memories, a play on the word RAM commonly used in computers to describe Random Access Memory. Most notably Motherboard, which is the most obvious one. However, it looks like there’s a possibility that Contact and Touch could also be computer allusions since a contact is basically any point of electrical contact on a computer. It’s also possible that Touch is their recognition that touch technologies are the future of computing and that they’re merely acknowledging that fact in the album’s track list.

Words cannot explain how excited we are for this album to release and we’re very happy that they atleast left one obvious computer hardware allusion inside of the album so that us computer geeks could revel in it. Also, here’s the latest teaser for Random Access Memories, a 1 minute clip from SNL and Coachella last week.