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Facebook Home in Search of New Platforms?

Facebook Home project might not stop itself at Android – if we are to believe some of the recent information provided by Bloomberg and D:Dive Into Mobile conference today. While Adam Mosseri, Facebook’s director of Product told Bloomberg that their partnership with others (namely Apple and Microsoft) is doing well, adding: "We’ve shown them what we’ve built and we’re just in an ongoing conversation," head of the Windows Phone Engineering, Terry Myerson took the conference stage saying that Facebook Home is a actually a great feature to have.

This unusual development came only days after Frank X. Shaw, Corporate Vice President of Corporate Communications at Microsoft wrote a dedicated blog post with plenty of "we did it first" snarkiness directed at the Facebook Home event – basically questioning the whole idea. Facebook Home is just "another skin built around another metaphor, on top of what is already a custom variant of the OS", Shaw wrote. Today, Microsoft’s Terry Myerson went on – aside from the typical corporate "Our partnership with Facebook will grow as Facebook Home grows" to say "Chatheads is a great platform feature to offer. I think we’re going to want to work with them. Our goal is to create a platform so our partners can achieve differentiation." He was directly confronted with the question whether Microsoft would allow such an invasive "skin of features" on top of Windows Phone, and he did not rule out the possibility.

Given that the Facebook Home on Android replaces and/or builds upon many of the OS features, it is a good question if the "Home" will see the light of the day on other platforms, and even if it does – it remains to be seen whether it will still be branded as "Facebook Home" or simply serve as an extension of the existing integration in the iOS and Windows Phone platforms. The latter is more than probable, specially when Mosseri himself stated that "It may or may not be Home. We could also just bring some of the design values to the iOS app. That might be how it ends up. Or we could build just the lock screen. Maybe then it’s not called Home, it’s called something else."