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Chinese ?App Store? with Pirated Content for iOS uses Apple?s Own Tech

The site found at the address is actually using Apple?s own enterprise licensing technology in order to distribute pirated content (apps, games, etc.) to iPhone and iPad devices ? without charge, and without jailbreak. Worst thing is ? it works ? in China, but many have already found a way to fool the location by using proxy servers ? and this is a big problem for Apple.

The aforementioned licensing technology ?allows the app to be installed on an unlimited number of iOS devices.? As VentureBeat notes, such enterprise app deployment enables corporations to function as their own app distributor, and ?over five million Chinese iPhone owners are currently using the site to find and install apps.? These apps are not cracked, nor do they require a jailbreak from the users? side, as they are virtually the same apps found in the official App Store ? while using the very same license ID.

Site is provided by the company called Kuaiyong, and they literally have a (laughable) reasoning behind what they are enabling:

?First of all, we would like to thank all Apple users around the world and your support for Kuaiyong.

Statistics have shown that a significant amount of Apple users are Chinese based. However, the fact is that in China, a large number of Apple users are not very familiar with the iTunes system and how to effectively manage it.

In order for Chinese Apple fans to download applications securely, Kuaiyong developed its own method of giving users access to thousands of free apps without having to jailbreak their devices. Kuaiyong offers detailed descriptions of apps, free app download trial, IOS device management and visual and audio file backup system. IOS system backup and recovery features will also be released in the very near future.

Our goal has always been about bringing Chinese Apple users with quick, convenient and pleasant IOS experience. Since the introduce of Kuaiyong, the proportion of jailbreak in China has declined dramatically from 60% to around 30%. Kuaiyong will hold on to this goal in the future and we would like to see more support for Apple as well as Kuaiyong.?

VentureBeat has tried to get a comment from Apple, noting that they truly can?t be ?unaware? of the issue that hurts both developers and the company behind the platform. Whilst Apple is doing their best to stop the jailbreaking community, and has successfully shut down multiple platforms that provided pirated content, this may just be a hard nut to break. It is in China – their main growth market, and authorities there don?t have exactly good relations with the company from Cupertino ? for some time using state run newspaper People?s Daily and other media to publish anti-Apple stories in a ?smear campaign?.