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Durex Fundawear – ToIP – Touch Over IP

In an interesting combination of personal care products and technology, Durex has helped to develop a revolutionary tool for couples that are far apart from each other, called Fundawear. We can only imagine that this name, Fundawear is a play on a few words being combined together, namely fun and underwear. It looks like this Fundawear is slightly thicker underwear that fits over the persona’s nether regions and the mobile app takes control from there.

Below, we have a video from Durex that explains how this app will work in conjunction with the underwear.

If you want to learn more about Durex’s Fundawear or want to sign up to win a pair (limited to Australians only) then we recommend that you head over to Durex’s Fundawear website (really just a Facebook app page).

We can only imagine the things that this could do for people’s long distance relationships especially considering how well it integrates into people’s technology lives and uses a mobile app to connect people. This is a really interesting experiment and I really foresee this actually doing pretty well as long as it isn’t cost prohibitive. Plus, I have a feeling that some people might end up using this without the long distance aspect in play.