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Google Now, Now on the iOS

Not that long ago, we wrote about the Google Now for iOS teaser video that got pulled from YouTube, and now the time has come for Google to make it official. As we noted earlier, Google Now service is integrated into the existing Google Search app for the iOS platform. While the general functionality and design of the app remain the same on both Android and the iOS, there are a few differences.

On the iOS, user needs to launch the Google Search app first in order to access the Google Now, as there is no system integration with the Now service whatsoever. While that is understandable given the nature of the platform, another thing isn?t: there are no push notifications for Now alerts as there are on the Android, and according to the Google, only 22 of the 29 card types available on the Android are coming to the iOS. The ones missing are Nearby Events, Boarding Pass, Activity Summary, Fandango, and some others. Additionally, Google Now only uses the Google Calendar for appointments, not the system one.

Company from Mountain View is spreading more and more of its services outside of the Android boat. What we also noted earlier is that there is a chance for the Windows version of the Google Now service to appear, but it is nowhere to be found. For now. Google Search App containing the Google Now feature should already be available in the App Store