Cheaper HTC One Sibling Possibly on the Way

If the HTC Corp. (TPE:2498) wants to recover their smartphone sales results they will have to think well beyond the flagship HTC One, and apparently that is exactly what they are doing. Codenamed the HTC M4, a new (leaked) smartphone unit from the HTC is supposed to be a mid-range device, while keeping the same or similar visual language as the one known from the flagship. Additionally, it is likely to carry the new Ultrapixel camera as well.

According to the image provided by the @evleaks, there are more meeting points between the 4.3-inch M4 and 4.7-inch HTC One (previously known under the codename M7) than there are differences, but some of the dissimilarities are not that difficult to notice. LED flash is positioned above the camera lens (closer to the antenna plastic cover if the internal design is similar to the HTC One) rather than by the side of it, and while there seem to be dual speakers as well, the grille design is somewhat less rectangular. Beats Audio logo is much more pronounced on the back side of the device and material used is unknown; edges are apparently chamfered as well but are much less shiny than what can be found in the HTC One press photos. Make no mistake, however, the M4 still appears to be of unibody design ? even if it turns out to be made of polycarbonate instead of aluminum.

When it comes to internals, the M4 has an unknown dual-core CPU (likely to be one from the Snapdragon S4 series, but there is a possibility it might be the 1.4GHz dual-core Krait in the Snapdragon 400 ? similar to the one found on the HTC First), but it still packs 2GB of RAM and HTC?s Ultrapixel camera. Storage seems to be limited to 16GB ? and due to the design, the 1700mAh battery is still non-removable.

Device is expected somewhere in the second quarter of the year, and of course the pricing and availability details remain unknown.